Yoga can be learned by anyone, at anytime. It first emerged in India over two thousand years ago, as a way to solve various human problems.It then developed into an exploration of the wonder and mystery of human existence.By doing the daily exercise of ASANA (yoga poses), you will begin to feel your breathing becoming deeper,and your mind becoming calmer. Gradually your calm will deepen and permeate your inner self.You will be filled with peace, quite unshaken by any influence from the outside world.


Message from Anandi  (Instructor)

Reservation is required to join the class.It's not a problem if you have never done Yoga before,or if your body isn't supple. We start with simple poses, and you can learn at your own pace.
If you are pregnant, please let us know before coming to class.(In most cases it's alright to practice yoga when your pregnancy enters its stable period.)


Please wear comfortable clothes, and try not to eat much before the class. 
There is a small changing room available for your convenience.
We offer guidance in simple English or Sign Language as well.

Vouchers are also available.



3rd floor of the DAIKOKUYA BUILDING

5-7-2 Chifune Machi

(On the 1st floor is Gyoza Bar, next door to the JUNKUDO BOOK SHOP)

Tel 089(932)5414


ASANA: \1,500 per class